Category: Regenerative Farming

For the love of earth

Dirt is not dead there is life in the soil.  Concealed under our feet is […]

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Enough is Enough

Urgent voices are saying enough is enough. Ten thousand small farmers say, “We need Congress […]

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To save the Earth, we must save the earth

As human populations mass-migrate to cities’ our direct connection to the land is severed and […]

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The World’s Eco Ills Recovery Is on Us

Agriculture emits more Co2 than all forms of transport combined. Deforestation and widespread desertification is […]

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Expanding Our Landscapes of Possibility

Nothing keeps an industry from changing more than the tendency and indeed willingness to remain […]

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It Makes Me Wonder

There is a quiet revolution happening along some country roads, a bustling in the hedgerows. […]

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