Moo is moot

When milkadamia declares Moo is Moot, we are voicing the opinion of the millions who have switched out dairy foods from their diets.


It’s R Choice

Good for the birds, the bees, the trees, the soil, people, and the planet. It’s R choice to farm, cook and live in a way that supports the earth and all that share it.


Artful tastes

Plant-based, vegan, keto, flexitarian, use our buttery spreads, beverages, and latte da to create, craft and indulge in definitely delicious recipes.



Dance with milkadamia



For millennia the trees were drinking the warm Australian sunlight through their leaves, wicking up moisture in the rainforest and quietly perfecting the macadamia. How exciting to see this nutrient-dense miracle exploding into the global wellness narrative.  We realize now that Macadamia deliciousness was just the invitation – their amazing healthiness is the party.


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Learning that the landscape is not just a passive backdrop against which human history happens to happen, but is itself blazing with life in intense reciprocity with the surrounding climate.