The Defiance That Propels Us

to matter
to choose meaning
to leave a mark
to elevate
to create and recreate

The world is richer with each of us, we are more than our creative, intellectual or physical work contribution. We are here because without us, the luster of the rich mosaic that is humanity diminishes. Be brave, be human, be artful, be seen.


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Choice Earth Future

pronounce “R” as in “It’s Our Choice.”

“R” is also about Recovery and Role. It is Restorative and Regenerative, and our Responsibility. Choosing to support regenerative farming methods that help keep our carbon levels in balance is an act of positive eco-consequence, accessible to us all. Nutrient-dense food in the quantity we are going to need requires the regeneration of Earth’s soils. We each can have a role in championing regenerative farming by supporting regenerative farmers.
Together, we will make choices as though the future of the Earth depends on them. 

Soil contains more than three times as much carbon as either the atmosphere or terrestrial vegetation.

of our topsoil has disappeared in the past 150 years. Let’s get it back.

Balancing carbon is not an “act.” It’s an action we can all support.

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moo is indeed moot

When milkadamia declares Moo is Moot, we are voicing the opinion of the millions who have switched out dairy foods from their diets. Dairy milk is moot, irrelevant within and to the lives, aspirations, health, and eco-desires of millions. The significant eco-cost of dairy may be more tolerated if cow’s milk was necessary. However, thousands of vegan athletes are clearly demonstrating robust health, vitality, long life and vigor don’t require dairy. That they are better in every way without dairy.
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Moo is moot. Every day, everyday people, like you and I, are making food choices as if the well-being of the Earth depends on them. We find and share ideas from the front lines of the regenerative soil movement and seek inspiration from our friends who know moo is moot. Transcend the herd with us here.