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We All Have Choices: Child Labor Bound to Palm Oil Industry

We maintain an unswerving conviction that human dignity is an absolute, not a piecemeal notion; it is all – or it is nothing. Palm oil is a calamitous situation for workers, for Tropical forests, for the planet, and for the principles of our business leaders who are required to harden themselves against the plight of women and kids for shareholder profit. Our collective contribution is needed to save our business leaders, palm oil employees, our civilization: for that word does not apply to any culture that allows the level of inhumanity to women and kids that palm oil does: and, untimely, to save ourselves.



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Ground Zero

Healthy soil is positively alive with beneficial microbial activity. Life on earth is supported by these billions of ceaselessly flickering constellations of vitality quietly imbibing the sunlight captured by plants then wicked underground through root systems. Soil is the genesis of our food supply, our health, our vitality, and, consequently, every aspiration we hold.


The most familiar subterranean throng are earthworms, whose populations increase with natural organic matter and decrease with human disturbances such as plowing, disking, and chemical spraying. Earthworms' role to life on earth is so vital nature ensured their biomass was greater than all animals combined!


What is entitled "modern" industrial farming is out of sync - nature operates at a marathon pace, not at a sprint. Our near-hysterical enthusiasm for technology has blinded us to our dependence on the patient processes of seasons and centuries and the interactions of tiny, strange micro-critters swarming underground. Given human well-being is directly connected to the health of Earth's earth, we need to protect these preservers of important fathomless functions at life's nexus. They are mere inches from us - and a world away.


We are losing alarming quantities of our remaining healthy bio-active soil, yet it is upon this very stage all life on earth dances.


Some are fighting back – a revolution is brewing – just in time, regenerative farmers are focusing on soil health over destructive plowing and high chemical application.


Around us, a tragedy is unfolding; forests, wilderness, marshes, corals, animals, fish, soil, and glaciers are disappearing faster and faster. We adjust because it's happening gradually. Gradually is before suddenly, softly before substantially, imperceptibly before entirely. The response of our wonderdull leaders is largely performative messaging when we need lasting change; their "action" bleeds into the banal.


We have got to take this on ourselves. It starts underground - like all the finer revolutions.