here are some things you might like to know about us:
  • about

    Is milkadamia a US or Australian company?
    milkadamia is a US-based macadamia company born out of Australia, the birth place of the macadamia tree.

    Tell me about Jindilli Farm.
    The family-owned Jindilli Farm is nestled near the Eastern coast of Australia in the very region where the macadamia tree originated. In a nutshell…our abundant rainfall, ample sunshine, rich soil and low impact farming is good for our nuts. Heart n’ soil – how good food is grown now.

    Are all the macadamias used in milkadamia sourced from Jindilli Farm?
    While that’s how we started, thanks to you, we have now outgrown our ability to use only macadamias from our trees.

  • where to find milkadamia near me

    Our 64oz milk and 16oz creamers are sold in the cooler section, while our 32oz milks are typically found either in the cereal aisle or in the “healthy” food section. Click here to find a store near you.

  • ingredients & manufacturing

    Why raw macadamia nuts over roasted nuts?
    Only unadulterated macadamias are used in milkadamia so the health and taste of our product remain intact. When polyunsaturated fats get exposed to heat, they can become damaged or oxidized, affecting both nut health and taste.

    What are the ingredients in the products?
    Click here to find the ingredients for each of our products.

    What are the benefits of macadamia nuts?
    This kernel of goodness has the perfect Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio of 1:1.
    Macadamia oil has the highest ratio of heart-friendly monounsaturated fats among all the nuts and seeds – even more than olive oil. Because of their rich good fat profile, macadamias help reduce cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides.

    Macadamias earned their superfood status via several studies that showed their efficacy in fighting inflammation, the first stage of most of diseases of our generation. There are many articles on this, here is but one.

    Do you add calcium to the milk?
    While macadamias contain calcium, we also fortify with Calcium Phosphate, as listed in the ingredients.

    What is the amount of calcium in the milk?
     approximately 190 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams.

    What is the amount of potassium in the milk?
    approximately 5 milligrams of potassium per 100 grams.

    What are the natural flavors?
    Our natural flavors include essential oils and extracts derived from ingredients found in nature such spices, vanilla and cocoa. Our flavors are Non-GMO Project Verified and do not contain artificial ingredients. We don’t list them out so our competitors can’t copy us. We hope you understand.

    Why do you use pea protein?
    We fortify with a small amount of pea protein because protein helps make our milks creamy. We chose pea protein because it is naturally gluten free, is easy on the stomach, is low carb friendly and is free of cholesterol and saturated fat.  Pea protein also does not contain dairy, lactose or soy.

    Do milkadamia products contain carrageenan?
    Not at all.

    What types of sweeteners do you use?
    Naturally, we opted for vegan cane sugar for our sweetened products.

    Where is milkadamia manufactured?
    Our milks and creamers are manufactured in the U.S.

  • allergies & dietary restrictions

    If I am allergic to peanuts, can I drink macadamia milk?
    If you are allergic to peanuts, you could be allergic to macadamias. We’d hate to say – always best to ask your doctor first.

    Does your manufacturing facility contain peanuts?
    Our manufacturing facility does manufacture some products with peanuts. Before making milkadamia, an extensive cleaning/testing/recleaning process occurs to work to ensure no peanut traces.

    Are milkadamia products 100% vegan?
    100% pure plant-based, vegan goodness.

    If I am lactose intolerant can I have milkadamia?
    Absolutely! milkadamia does not contain lactose or any other moo-related ingredients.

    If I am soy intolerant can I have milkadamia?
    Without a doubt. 0% soy in milkadamia.

    Are milkadamia products gluten-free?
    Yes. No gluten here.

    Are milkadamia products kosher?
    milkadamia is 100% parve-rific.

    Is it on the Keto diet?
    That is a yes for Unsweetened and Unsweetened Vanilla milkadamia, as well as Unsweetened Vanilla Creamer. Macadamias are perfect for the keto diet due to their high-fat and nutritional content. Read about it HERE.

    Are macadamias on the paleo diet?
    Again, the answer is a big YES. Read about it HERE.

  • packaging & storage

    Should I refrigerate milkadamia milk?
    If you found us in the cooler, keep us cooled. Otherwise, milkadamia is fine in your pantry until you open it. After opened, the fridge is your friend.

    How long do milkadamia products stay fresh?
    milkadamia stays fresh and tasty for 7-10 days in the fridge once opened.

    I opened my milk and the bottom seal was open. Is this normal?
    The one-step cap does cause consternation for those not familiar. When you twist the cap one full turn, prongs under the cap cut through the inner freshness seal so you don’t need to.

    Can I freeze milkadamia milk or creamers?
    You can, but we’ve noticed that consistency can change when thawed.

    Are milkadamia cartons BPA free?
    Yes, they are BPA free.

    Are milkadamia packages recyclable?
    Yes the carton and cap are 100% recyclable.  Tetra Pak® cartons are mainly made from paper & is one of the most sustainable packages in the market. Furthermore, the paper board used to make Tetra Pak® cartons is sourced responsibly.


  • uses & cooking

    Will milkadamia separate in my coffee?
    As coffee lovers here, we worked to ensure milkadamia blends beautifully with coffee. However, if the coffee does have a very high acidity, it may separate.

    Can I cook with milkadamia creamers?
    We do – we’ve made everything from soups to sweet potato casserole with our creamers. Check out our Recipes page for some delicious inspiration.

    Does milkadamia foam?
    Only our latte da milkadamia is crafted for that perfect latte foam when steamed. It does not foam well when used with a milk frother.

  • barista

    Can I do latte art with latte da?
    But of course…show us what you’ve got on Instagram!

    As a café owner, where can I order latte da in bulk?
    Contact: [email protected] and we’ll get your order sorted.

  • regenerative farming

    What is regenerative farming?
    Regenerative farming focuses restoring the biodiversity and composition of the soil, which in turn creates better yields and nutrient dense plants…while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and allowing our planet to breathe easier. Regenerative farming techniques include a mix of utilizing minimum tilling and cover crops and feeding the soil.

    Are all the farms growing milkadamia macadamias regeneratively farmed?
    milkadamia has one macadamia farm – Jindilli Farm. Not all the macadamia nuts we use in milkadamia come from our farm. However, the ones that do are grown using regenerative methods. We are still learning: life on Jindilli Farm has become a knowledge quest for the best ways to build healthy new top-soil. We have plenty to learn, we are not fully there yet, but we are fully committed.

    Our purpose for Jindilli Farm is to develop it into an influence for regenerative farming within our rural community and far beyond. However, our hope is that we will quickly become an irrelevance because folk have far surpassed any influence we may have had through their widespread support of regeneratively farmed food.

    How do I help encourage other companies to move to regenerative farming?
    Ask. Ask the companies who you buy from if they use regenerative farming methods. Ask your retailer what brands they stock that use regeneratively farmed products. Ask the farmer at the farmer’s market you visit if they use regenerative farming techniques. If consumers ask and demand regeneratively farmed products, farmers/brands/companies will switch. Look at what consumers have done thus far with dairy.

  • contact us

    We are available Monday-Friday (and sometimes on the weekend when the weather is rainy and we are inside) from 9-5pm Central Standard Time at [email protected]. Not in the US? Find our Australia and UK Contact Info HERE.