It Makes Me Wonder

There is a quiet revolution happening along some country roads, a bustling in the hedgerows. Individual farmers are abandoning the agricultural treadmill of ever-increasing fertilizer and chemical inputs and are instead shifting attention to supporting the health of the soil as their primary activity.

Regenerative farming is so called because its purpose and function is to aid in the generation of brand-new healthy topsoil. Soil as a living ecosystem is much more than a passive growing medium for plants; it boasts a startling bio-abundance of microorganisms interacting and regenerating soils annually.

As anticipated, by every measure of productivity regenerative farms perform better and are positively alive with abundance from below the ground to the tips of the trees.

Less expected, the farmers themselves are also regenerated and reenergized. They consistently speak of the joy, excitement, relief, sense of accomplishment and especially renewed hope for the future that farming regeneratively engenders. They are becoming stewards of the land for all of us.

Like these farmers, farming regeneratively fully engages us, we are in it, heart and soil.


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Just wondering if your nuts/milk is organic ~ is that part of the regenerative labeling? Kudos for providing a product that is so good for everyone concerned!

Thanks for asking. At this moment, we are not organic. In our research, we have learned that some of the most degraded soil is in fact from organic farms due to how they approach weeding. Plus, organic does not mean pesticide free. We aren’t ruling being organic out in the future, but it will need to be much more than a certification for us if we go down that path.


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