Expanding Our Landscapes of Possibility

Nothing keeps an industry from changing more than the tendency and indeed willingness to remain locked into legacy versions of itself. Few industries are more hidebound or vested in the status quo as USA’s giant industrial agriculture complex.

Challenging the deeply entrenched “wisdoms,” practices and culture of industrial agriculture requires uncommon commitment and tenacity from an individual like Del Ficke of Del Ficke Farms.

With a plan centered on radical reduction of inputs and long-term soil health, Ficke reduced his land area by three quarters while profits were boosted by 70%. This also boosts the case that focusing on soil health, agriculture’s greatest asset, remains the bedrock of good farming practice. Regenerative farming is targeted at and measured by its impact on soil health.

Even at the halfway point of taking this farm regenerative, there is a 95% reduction in chemical use and 50% reduction in fertilizer. Moving cows from feedlots to fields of grass reduced vet bills by 88%. Naturally enough, eating what you’re supposed to eat will do that.

If we shift 20% of the currently cultivated land to regenerative farming, the healthy soil generated can store Co2 in such significant quantities we positively alter the trajectory of our planet’s temperature trends.

Farmers like Ficke are pioneering better farming and expanding the landscape of possibility for all of us. milkadamia applauds excitedly when any farm moves toward regenerative farming.

Learn more about Del Ficke Farms.

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