The Art of the Forage

“So many mushrooms, so little time” – Frank Zappa

No one can seem to agree on the number of fungi in the world. Some say 1.5 million; others say it is more like 120,000. This is because fungi live below the earth’s surface, feasting on organic material. Only some species of fungi burst out of the darkness into light as mushrooms. Regardless of the number, the variety is plentiful and should not be reduced to white cap and shiitake.

Mushrooms are valued not only for their role in soil health but also for the nutritional wallop they deliver. They are low in fat, cholesterol-free and, depending on the variety, contain minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, and are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and even reduce chronic disease. All of which makes foraging for them magical.

Of course, one does have to be careful as to which mushrooms one picks and eats, so below are links to help guide your foraging adventure.







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