Moo is Moot

Why We Think Dairy is irrelevant By Jim Richard CEO Milkadamia
Cow enjoying non dairy farm life

It’s not a tagline. It is our firmly held belief. Dairy milk is moot; immaterial within and to the lives, aspirations, health and eco desires of millions.

Originally, during England’s medieval period, moots, (meets) were assemblies where important points of local government were vigorously debated. In these, sometimes impassioned, assemblies, items that were put up for discussion were said to have been mooted.

Today the word “moot” is almost always used in conjunction with the word “point.” As in-
“it’s a moot point”
or –
“I wanna tell her that I love her
but the point is probably moot…
I wish that I had Jessie’s girl.”

Over time the meaning of the word moot devolved from describing a meeting for meaningful debate, to a description of insubstantial pointless noise. This change followed the introduction of ‘moot courts’, in law schools.
Moot courts are a session where law students train by arguing hypothetical cases. That is, they create, then dispute ‘moot points’. The impossibility of any substantive outcome from these hypothetical cases has led to the ‘unimportant/irrelevant/not worth discussing’ meaning of ‘moot’.

When milkadamia declares Moo is Moot on our packs we are voicing the opinion of the millions who have switched out dairy foods from their diets. Dairy milk is moot, irrelevant within and to the lives, aspirations, health and eco-desires of millions.

The significant eco-cost of dairy may be more tolerated if cow’s milk was necessary. However, thousands of vegan athletes are clearly demonstrating robust health, vitality, long life, and vigor don’t require dairy. That they are better in every way without diary.
They demonstrate our bones don’t crumble, nor do we suffer the protein deficiency dairy attempts to scare us with. They prove dairies oft repeated claims to be critical to human nutrition, are false. Millions have removed dairy from their diets (billions never included it) and have happily moved on.

Meanwhile the dairy industry is acting like the rise of plant milks is the end of all civilization (Dear Mr. Dairy) It is in reality only the end of us financially supporting the dairy industries uncivilized treatment of sentient animals. The end of us supporting their commercial exploitation of the act of motherhood (Anything But Fairlife). Mostly it is we common folk responding to the astonishing inefficiency and equally astonishing and disheartening eco-cost of the unnecessary dairy industry.

Eventually the dairy industries histrionic death throes will be a footnote in the history of our times, if even that. More than its own food production revolution, its own social movement or its own fact – plant-based diets and regenerative farming are set to be part of something much bigger, more dangerous, and more important.

A righteous ground-swell is building. A global eco-rights idea is taking shape. Common folk are spontaneously rising to the defense of the natural world. This is where the moral energy comes from, a sense of an interconnected natural world and natural order to rediscover, to rescue, bring back to life, to win. To live beyond simply creating no further harm, but to actively heal the harm already done.

Many, faced today with the knowledge of human generated expansion of global eco-misery and want, are choosing to rise-up and resist. To behave selflessly.
We are inspired by such people whose personal choices, made for future generations, are beginning to measure at this moment in history as moral grandeur. They are mitigating as far as they are capable the impending crisis. They are active, but are not motivated by activism, rather it’s an irresistible expression of their internal desire for our home.

Many are revealing humanities best spirit. Generations unborn may owe the opportunity to breathe a little extra humanity into the human experience, to the actions taken today. So much of what is yet to come, is our choice.

To plant-based people, the lack of any possible substantive outcome from all the dairy industries scare-tactics, nutrition-nonsense, bullying, lobbying, censoring of language and especially their energetic striving to continue polluting our land, water and sky, makes them, at this point of Earth’s history, the very definition of the word moot.

Moo is moot.

Jim Richards,
CEO milkadamia


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