Good On You, Millennials

The Economist is calling 2019 “The Year of the Vegan.” That’s a bold prediction, but we like bold. After all, we have seen Burger King announce its new vegan burger – and you really can’t get more mainstream than that. Plus, Veganuary was a great success, even in such dairy strongholds as Ireland. At the same time, we have shifted from the negatives of veganism (no meat, no dairy, no animal products whatsoever) to the positives of a plant-based diet (good for planet and health) bringing in more people than ever before.

And who is leading the way but millennials. Those constant disruptors.

Nearly a quarter of millennials identify as vegan or vegetarian (note: for the general population the number is under 5%). That’s 9.8 million people, each having a major, positive impact on the environment.

Businesses are taking note. TGI Friday’s has a Beyond Meat burger. Nestle is launching a plant-based burger. Pepsico introduced an oat milk. And dairy farmers are switching to become plant-based farmers.

Sometimes we look at the word “consumer” with disdain. But, we all consume and because of that we all have power to create seismic shifts. We don’t and can’t wait for others to help the Earth breathe. We do that by voting with our dollars…en masse. It’s our choice to be change agents. Just look at the change we’ve already forced by being different “consumers.”


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