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The Imprint We (can) Leave

Daily, we hear new statistics about what is happening to the climate. The news seems dire and leaves many feeling powerless.  The University of Michigan’s Center for Sustainability recently released a carbon footprint fact sheet (HTTP://BIT.LY/2WN69XN) that outlines the sources of carbon emissions from food to household to transportation. We are happy to see the report doesn’t stop with an endless list of the ills, but also provides actionable solutions.

A few of the action steps recommended in University of Michigan Carbon Footprint Factsheet:

* Eat local, vegetarian or organic foods. For non-vegetarians, replace some beef consumption with chicken.

* Walk, bike, carpool, use mass transit or drive a best-in-class vehicle.

* Using a low-flow shower head can save 350 lbs of CO2 per year.

* Recycling half a household’s waste can save 2,400 lbs of CO2 per year.

* Shop smart and purchase items with a comparatively low carbon footprint, when possible.

We concur in the need to reduce carbon emissions, but we also believe that more can and should be done. We need to capture and store carbon back in the soil via regenerative farming practices. Please visit the ItsRChoice page to learn more about regenerative farming and how we can all help to give the earth some breathing room.




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